Legal Manager/supervisor



1. Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Law. Certificate of National Judicial Examination, overseas background is an advantage.

2. Minimum 5 years experience in the legal department or law firm;

3. Minimum 2 years experience in television and film or media industry;

4. Experience on managing legal documents and legal counsels;

5. Strong communication skills in English.

6. Solid knowledge in Company Law, Labor Law, Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law and other laws and regulations.

Job responsibilities:

1. Drafting and negotiating legal documents, providing legal advice and support on the operation of the company.

2. Reviewing and approving legal issue and contracts of all areas of the company, providing the immediate follow up.

3. Drafting and revising contracts in English and Chinese, supervising the implement of contract.

4. Establishing legal prevention system, managing contract risk and general litigation dispute management.

5. To assess, identify and report the legal and policy risks of the company’s operation, and providing solutions;

6. To pro-actively create and maintain awareness of business employees for (compliance with) relevant laws and regulations.

7. Participate in daily legal affairs of the company.

Please send your resume to:

Video editor



1. Bachelor’s degree in film and television is preferred.

2. Strong interest and understanding of film and television.

3. Having an in-depth understanding of video platforms, such as Tik Tok, Xiaohongshu and bilibili.

4. Proficient in Premiere, Final Cut, Photoshop and other post-production software.

5. Aesthetic appreciation in music and camera. Having active and creative thinking, teamwork spirit and ability to work under pressure.

6. Please send the link of your works through Baidupan.

Job responsibilities:

Responsible for producing the materials of the company’s film and TV series, including but not limited to the planning and producing of short videos, viral videos, trailers and promotion videos on Tik Tok, kwai and other platforms.

Please send your resume to:

Graphic Designer



1. Bachelor’s degree or above.

2. Minimum 3 years experience in film and television industry.

3. Proficient in graphic design software and being able to retouching portraits and compositing posters

4. Unique views on poster creativity.

5. Solid knowledge in production process of film and television posters.

Job responsibilities:

1.  Complete the design of film and television posters independently.

2. Have a creative concept of poster design

Please send your resume to:

Japanese Intern



1. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Japanese;

2. N1 in the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test;

3. Proficient in Microsoft Office;

4. Excellent understanding and communication skills;

5. Enthusiastic in film and television industry.

Job responsibilities:

1. Translate documents in Japanese;

2. Communicate with Japanese cooperative partner;

3.Collect and translate materials and archive in Japanese. Provide the immediate update of the archives. 

4. Maintain good communication with team members and complete the project smoothly.

Please send your resume to: