Project Manager



1. Strong interpersonal skills, adaptability, good overall situation, clear business ideas, good language skills and communication skills;

2. Be meticulous and patient, have a strong sense of responsibility, be positive, optimistic, have a team spirit, and be able to bear greater work pressure;

3. Have more than 3 years of working experience in the film and television industry, understand all aspects of film and TV drama marketing, publicity, etc., and have full case experience;

4. Excellent execution ability, can independently follow up the entire project and later execution;

5. Have certain planning ability and content control ability, and have a keen ability to observe and judge the film and television market.

Job responsibilities:

1. According to the needs of the film project, lead the project team to formulate the overall publicity plan;

2. Responsible for the marketing and coordination of the film project, supervise the overall project process and ensure that the department works according to the project schedule and project budget standards, and focus on supervising and ensuring the implementation of the project strategy;

3. Ensure the smooth and complete closure of the project and maintain customer satisfaction;

4. Maintenance, operation and development of publicity resources and channels;

5. Responsible for the integration and communication between the marketing team of the film project and the internal and external departments of each company;

6. Other work assigned by the leader.

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Publicity planning (providing intern positions)



1. Have good professional knowledge of film and television and understand the film and television market;

2. Have divergent thinking, efficient execution, and strong writing skills;

3. Those with relevant work experience in film and television promotion or self-media and dual micro operation are preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1. Write the publicity plan of the film and television project;

2. Planning and operation in the process of publicity project implementation;

3. Write creative materials or full-case project copywriting, communicate with relevant staff to complete content production and review;

4. Write publicity manuscripts, activities and other copywriting, and cooperate with the arrangement for implementation.

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Media Manager



1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years experience in film and television industry;

2. Have rich media resources, be familiar with the operation modes and laws of various media, and be familiar with the media market conditions;

3. Strong communication and coordination ability and excellent overall planning ability;

4. Have certain negotiation skills and public relations skills;

5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and be able to bear pressure.

Job responsibilities:

1. Expand and maintain media resources, and establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with dominant media;

2. According to project requirements, integrate media resources, formulate media communication plans, and efficiently execute various work on the media side;

3. Coordinate and manage the work related to media channels to ensure that all work is completed in a timely manner;

4. Monitor and evaluate the publicity effect of the release media, analyze and make suggestions on the data results, and promote the improvement of various work;

5. Calculate the cost of media communication and control it effectively;

6. Invite media personnel to participate in activities;

7. Awareness of crisis public relations, timely detection and early warning of negative project information, active connection with effective media, and proper handling;

8. Be good at communication, maintain a good cooperative relationship with customers and colleagues, and actively promote various tasks.

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Integrated Marketing



1. Majors in advertising, marketing, Chinese, etc., 985/211 bachelor degree or above, or study abroad experience is preferred;

2. More than three years of work experience in 4A company entertainment marketing company strategy, planning, customer-related positions, English can be used as a working language;

3. Can accurately understand customer requirements and project characteristics, and have strong information collection, summary, analysis and copywriting skills;

4. Proficient in using and making PPT and EXCEL;

5. Clear thinking, quick thinking, able to independently complete overall planning and execution;

6. Have good expression and communication skills, and have a strong team spirit;

7. Have high professional quality, professionalism and team spirit, good at communication and cooperation.

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the communication between the project and the customer’s needs, fully understand the needs and formulate the overall project marketing strategy;

2. Responsible for the preliminary research, market positioning, marketing planning and promotion planning of the project;

3. Responsible for the implementation of the project planning scheme, coordinate internal and external resources, and complete high-quality marketing cases;

4. Responsible for the strategic control of major nodes in the service project;

5. Responsible for the information feedback of the project implementation rules, as well as the evaluation and arrangement of the project implementation effect;

6. Responsible for the formulation, adjustment and implementation of the company’s film and television project marketing plan and sales target.

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Distribution Director



1. More than five years of work experience in film and television company distribution, and more than two years of distribution team management experience;

2. Familiar with the whole process of film distribution, with successful cases of film distribution and familiar with the dissemination methods of various channels;

3. There are good cinema chains, ticketing platforms and industry resources;

4. Love the film industry and distribution, active thinking, with good market acumen and judgment.

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for all distribution-related work and partner maintenance of the company’s film projects from the initial stage to distribution and release;

2. Responsible for the coordination, integration and deployment of the foreign cooperative issuance team;

3. Responsible for maintaining close cooperative relations with various cinemas, movie casting, and ticketing e-commerce;

4. Responsible for formulating and implementing cooperation plans for cinema, movie casting, and ticketing e-commerce distribution;

5. Formulate the distribution strategy of theatrical films according to the requirements, and complete the distribution targets and tasks issued by the company;

6. Collation and reporting of industry-related information: Pay attention to domestic and foreign film promotion and distribution trends, collect analysis reports, and understand industry trends.

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South China Regional Distribution Manager



1. Bachelor degree or above, major in film and television media is preferred;

2. More than 3 years of relevant work experience in issuance;

3. Familiar with the management of issuers and regional issuers;

4. Familiar with the formulation and promotion of the overall issuance strategy of the project in the region;

5. Have a lot of experience in event marketing and on-site execution, and be able to easily handle emergencies;

6. Good relationship with local theaters.

Job responsibilities:

1. Maintain the relationship between theater chains, film management companies, ticket warehouse theaters, and key media in the region, and can cooperate well and win higher values in the pomp;

2. Collect a summary of resources such as cross-industry cooperative brands, high-quality APPs on the ground, key advertising spaces, and excellent marketing activities in the region;

3. Always keep abreast of the situation of competing companies and competing films, and provide evidence-based suggestions and plans for the company’s film schedule and box office goals;

4. Assist the project manager to complete the distribution plan of the film, and the highlights, innovation and execution are reflected in the plan;

5. Assist in the formulation of the issuance and execution worksheet, and issue tasks and check the completion of tasks in strict accordance with the time nodes;

6. Assist in the formulation of the film’s ostentation goals and box office goals, and split them into each city manager to check the city manager’s completion.

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Video editor



1. Bachelor’s degree in film and television is preferred.

2. Strong interest and understanding of film and television.

3. Having an in-depth understanding of video platforms, such as Tik Tok, Xiaohongshu and bilibili.

4. Proficient in Premiere, Final Cut, Photoshop and other post-production software.

5. Aesthetic appreciation in music and camera. Having active and creative thinking, teamwork spirit and ability to work under pressure.

6. Please send the link of your works through Baidupan.

Job responsibilities:

Responsible for producing the materials of the company’s film and TV series, including but not limited to the planning and producing of short videos, viral videos, trailers and promotion videos on Tik Tok, kwai and other platforms.

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Graphic Designer



1. Bachelor’s degree or above.

2. Minimum 3 years experience in film and television industry.

3. Proficient in graphic design software and being able to retouching portraits and compositing posters

4. Unique views on poster creativity.

5. Solid knowledge in production process of film and television posters.

Job responsibilities:

1.  Complete the design of film and television posters independently.

2. Have a creative concept of poster design

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