(English) Cao Jia

(English) Chairman

(English) Cao Jia previously worked in the Key Accounts Department and Sales Management Department at Mercedes-Benz China, providing sales guidance and support to nationwide distributors. Cao later joined Volkswagen Group China and was responsible for national sales strategy and planning management. She holds a Bachelor’s in Management and possesses abundant industry resources and project experience.

(English) Cai Gongming


(English) Cai Gongming received his Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Munich and his Bachelor’s Degree in German from Peking University’s Department of Western Languages and Literature. Cai has extensive marketing experience in the automotive industry and has held the position of Director of Sales and Network Development at the Audi division of FAW-Volkswagen. He later became the Vice President of Mercedes-Benz China. During his tenure in the automotive industry, Cai led his team to achieve rapid sales growth for both the Audi and Mercedes-Benz brands in China.